Why not sanction Israel?


1,300 lives and over 7,000 wounded people later, there is no stopping Israel from destroying Gaza and threatening its future existence.

Relentless as the Israeli war machine against Palestinians, Israel has yet to be held accountable for any of the atrocious acts it is committing, in front of millions of viewers worldwide, thanks to the Western mainstream media’s approval of the so-called operation Protective Edge.

In light of the mass recalling of Latin America ambassadors from Israel in condemnation of the US-backed onslaught on Palestine, we are yet to see serious counter propaganda against the war emanating from the West, either from the media giants or from the State Department.

Israel’s biggest foreign donor, the United States, continues to supply it with ‘aid’, the biggest proportion of which goes to research, development and deployment of military hardware, including the much hailed Iron Dome missile defense system. Lauded as an ongoing ‘refinement’ of the missile defense system, Israel has secured additional funding for its development from the Washington.

For its part, the United States has been reaping what it sowed by way of more international criticism regarding its resupplying of ammunition to the unstoppable Israel Defense Forces (IDF), including mortar rounds, grenades and other weapons. This act runs counter to Obama’s claim of ‘concern’ regarding a recent shelling of an UN-run school in Gaza.

Ceasefire Confusion

Last week was marked by the United Nations Security Council’s condemnation of the fighting in Gaza and corresponding ceasefire agreement to finally stop the atrocities committed by both sides. Apparently, a third mediator in the conflict, Egypt, failed to inform Hamas about the ceasefire, the silence of which was interpreted by Netanyahu as a rejection, leaving him “with no choice but to expand and intensify the campaign against it.”

So far in the operational timeline of the conflict, Israel has used the ceasefire to prepare for more savage operations against Hamas and civilians in Gaza, including the July 17 ground invasion after the UN ceasefire proposal, and the more recent 12-hour humanitarian ceasefire which saw the IDF receiving more weaponry from the United States to help destroy even more Palestinian lives.

Such deception and betrayal is not surprising, especially when Israel tried to sugarcoat and justify its bombing campaign when it spread propaganda that Palestinians where ‘informed’ before an impending aerial assault on their city, except that the warning gives residents just 5 minutes to leave their homes.


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